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Virgo Horoscope for April 2022

Virgo Horoscope

The horoscope for April indicates that Virgo will be preoccupied about their finances. There are high chances of getting a loan or a mortgage. As well, relationships will play an important role during this month, and it can be a very romantic period. Check the below report to find out more about what are the planets preparing for this month.

A New Moon in Aries is happening on the 1st of April, in your 8th house of transformation, shared resources, and intimacy. Some of you will discover new sources of income, especially something like passive income or commissions. You could receive money or some kind of goods from your life partner or from a business partnership. Around this date, some of you can get a mortgage or a loan. Mercury here can help you with the bureaucracy if you are applying for a loan. 

Venus starts transiting Pisces on the 5th of April, in your 7th house of partnerships and relationships. This can be a very romantic period for you. Some of you can start a romantic relationship. This transit is also supporting those collaborating with business partners. 

On the 11th of the month, Mercury moves into Taurus, in your 9th house long-distance travel, higher education, and life beliefs. You might be more interested to study, eventually, you will enroll in a course. This transit is also supporting you if you want to travel or plan a voyage.

Wonderful energies are vibrating on the 12th of April when a conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune is happening in Pisces, in your 7th house. If you dreamt of meeting your soulmate, this transit can help you find your love partner. Manifestation is so strong this day that you can turn your wishes into reality. It is possible that some of you can move to another level with your existing partner. There is so much positive vibe around this date, that you should stay positive, and believe in your dreams. 

On the 15th of the month, Mars enters into Pisces bringing even more energy to your 7th house. This can make you more determined in taking action in your relationships. Maybe there is an issue that you were afraid to discuss about, but now you will be fearless to address it. You will be braver in your relationships with this transit of Mars. However, with all this energy and determination, some of you might get into so conflicts with business partners or life partners.

On the 16th of April, a Full Moon is taking place in Libra in your 2nd house of financial resources, money, and values. You may realize that there are some gaps in your financial stability. This is not a bad thing as now you know what actions you need to take further to improve your finances. It is also possible for some of you to get paid and rewarded for something that you’ve been working for in the last months. This aspect can also make you aware of a talent that you have. It can be something that will help you generate money in the future.

On the 20th of the month, the Sun moves into Taurus in your 9th house. This is supporting all those who are studying, taking exams, teaching others, and are traveling. Strong energies will take place here during the Solar Eclipse on the 30th of April. There will be an article posted soon about this event. If you want to find out more details about how this Solar Eclipse is influencing each zodiac sign, don’t forget to check out this site. 

Update: You can find here the article about How Each Zodiac Sign will be Affected by the Solar Eclipse in Taurus.

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