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Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 2022

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Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

October 2022 has prepared a lot of events in the sky, but in this article, we will dig deeper into one of the most impactful of them. It is about the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.

A partial Solar Eclipse will occur on the 25th of October, 2022. When a Solar eclipse happens, the Moon orbits between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the sunlight from reaching the earth. However, as this is only a partial eclipse, you may not even notice the event with the naked eye, and you must wear special glasses.

The event is visible in Europe, South and West of Asia, and a little bit of North Africa. I am leaving a link to, where you can see precisely the regions where the eclipse is visible, as well as the exact time of the day when it is happening, depending on where you are located.

From an astrological point of view, the Solar Eclipse is happening in the sign of Scorpio. Eclipses are typically quite intense events, and you may feel their influence even a few weeks before and after the eclipse. 

Scorpio is about transformation, secrets, power, money, investments, sexuality, and regeneration. Venus, the planet of pleasure, beauty, and luck, will be conjunct with the Moon at the moment of the eclipse, bringing this positive energy to this event. The eclipse can mark significant changes in our lives, new beginnings, and fresh starts that will influence us over a longer period of time. The eclipse is happening in a sign of transformation and regeneration, so now we truly have the capacity to transform something in our lives.

How Each Zodiac Sign Will be Affected by the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Here are a few words about how your zodiac sign will be affected by the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th of October 2022. You should check the report for both your rising sign (ascendant) and Sun sign.


The eclipse is happening in your 8th house of shared resources, transformation, intimacy, and death. The 8th house can bring sudden events into our lives that force us to make changes and transform ourselves. You may receive unexpected news which will change your life, less or more. You may become more preoccupied with your finances, and it is possible that you can identify alternative sources of income through an investment or some kind of passive income. However, you should ensure you do not have any overdue debts to avoid penalties. Some of you may receive money through your partner or an inheritance, but we know that inheritances are usually associated with a loss.


The 7th house of relationships, marriage, and partnerships is triggered by the eclipse in Scorpio. This can be a wonderful opportunity for those who are single as now there are chances for you to meet your soul mate. With Venus there, your ruler and the planet of love, you can meet the love of your life. If you are already in a relationship, you can now transform it and move to the next level and officialize it or get married. However, eclipses can bring fated events into our lives, so it is possible to experience a total reshaping of your relationships, eventually, you can break up. You can also close good deals or start great collaborations with business partners. However, it is important to read carefully all the documents you sign at this time.


For you, the eclipse is happening in the 6th house of health, habits, routines, and work environment. If you wanted to change your lifestyle and adhere to healthier habits, this is the perfect time to do it. You have the energy to cut the bad habits and focus more on your health and well-being. You can start a fitness routine and reorganize your daily schedule. Some of you may receive some great news at work. You can get assigned on a new project, and your work can be recognized. As well, if you’ve felt like the current job is toxic for you, there are chances for you to change your work environment and move to a better job.


The eclipse is happening in your 5th house of romance, children, creativity, and entrepreneurship. This is a moment when you should focus more on what brings pleasure into your life. It is possible you can transform one of your hobbies into a business. You can also have a wonderful time around children; they can be either yours or if you are working with children. Some of you may even receive news related to pregnancy. This eclipse can also trigger your romantic life, and you may begin a new romantic affair.


Your 4th house of family and home will be the most influenced by this Solar Eclipse. There can be some significant changes related to your home. Probably you are moving to a new place, or you might redesign your entire home. As eclipses can bring fated events, if you want to buy a new house, you may find something you like, probably the house of your dreams. However, some older issues from your family may come to the surface, but you will know how to handle them, and you may finally solve them.


The eclipse occurs in your 3rd house of friends, communication, short distance travels, learning, and siblings. You might be busy with some documents and bureaucratic stuff around this time. This can be an excellent time for you to learn a new skill that can change the course of your life. If you’ve been interested in a domain but you never had the chance to activate there, now you can enroll in a course to improve your skills and knowledge. Eventually. this will help you reshape your professional life. This can be an excellent time for those involved in everything related to communication. You can negotiate successful deals, you can publish articles that can become viral. If you wanted to launch a blog, a podcast, or a vlogging channel, the eclipse is supporting you to do that. As well, your social life can be very active these days.


Your 2nd house of money, finances, and self-value will be triggered by the Solar Eclipse. It is possible that you can feel financially insecure, but probably this will trigger you to take action and improve your finances. As well, your ruler will be conjunct to the Moon, so it can bring you some great opportunities. You can either find a side job or a new job that is better paid. You can now become aware of your talents, so you might identify ways to monetize them. However, be prepared for some unexpected expenses, and eventually avoid unnecessary spending around this time.


Probably you will feel the most the influence of the Solar Eclipse as it is happening in your sign and your 1st house of personality, identity, and self-expression. This is the best time for you to transform your life into something you always dreamt of. You can remove the toxic influences and move forward with fresh thoughts and energies. This is a good opportunity to identify what you can improve and become a better version of yourself. You can launch your personal projects, improve yourself, and some might even start a new romantic relationship. Remember that this is one of the most important events happening in your sign this year, so do not miss this opportunity. 


Your 12th house of isolation, spirituality, health, and solitude will be triggered by the Solar Eclipse. You might start a new spiritual journey and discover more about your life, religion, and soul. However, so much energy happening in your 12th house can make you feel overwhelmed and not have the same energy as you usually do. This is why you should avoid activities that require a high level of energy, as it can affect your health as well. Eventually, you can go on a vacation to relax a little bit. This can be a good time to start working on a personal project behind the scenes. 


For you, the eclipse is happening in your 11th house of friendships, networking, and higher aspirations. This can bring more activity into your social life. You may want to expand your network and join new groups to meet new people. It is possible that you can build important connections that will help you achieve your goals. There might be some changes in your group of friends. New people enter while others are leaving. You are probably triggered to keep close only the meaningful people that share the same vision and perspectives as you. Thus, you might decide to end some friendships, or you may leave a group or community if you feel like you no longer belong there. As well, this eclipse can make you reshape and transform your aspirations and long-term plans.


This eclipse will trigger your 10th house of career and social status. This can bring a lot of activity into your career, it is possible that some of you may feel a little overwhelmed by so much action. However, if you manage to get through this, the outcome can be fantastic. There can be wonderful professional opportunities, and if you wanted to make a change, you now have the power to make a drastic shift and start a new professional chapter. 


Your 9th house of higher education, long-distance travels, and life beliefs will be triggered by the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. Some of you may start studying something new, and it can be something that will have an important influence on your life path. If you are traveling, you can find great opportunities during your travels, probably you can meet people who will play an important role in your life. It is also possible that some of you will receive news from overseas. Eventually, you can find great opportunities to work and move abroad.