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Scorpio Horoscope for July 2022

Scorpio Horoscope

July seems to be an intense month for you, especially career-wise. You have some wonderful transits triggering your social status and career, so it is possible that you will be pretty busy. However, let’s see a more detailed analysis of what the planets have prepared for you this month.

On the 5th of July, Mars moves into Taurus, and your 7th house of relationships, business partnerships, and marriage. Mars transiting this house will make you know how to position yourself in your relationships. You will know how to set your boundaries, which can be good especially if you are negotiating in a business environment. Of course, you should take control of Mars as it can sometimes get too impulsive. However, you may want to take the lead in your relationships to resolve an existing issue or to move your collaboration to the next level.

On the same day, Mercury starts transiting Cancer, and your 9th house of studies, long-distance travels, and life philosophy. Some of you can be more curious to discover new things, and you might even enroll in a course. It is also a great time to travel abroad or to plan a vacation in a foreign country. Mercury’s transit ends on the 19th of July, when it will move into Leo, in your 10th house of career and social status. This is a good period if you have job interviews or you want to renegotiate an existing work contract. You seem to have a good time communicating with authority figures, such as managers or bosses, which can bring exciting opportunities to you.

On the 13th of July, a Full Moon in Capricorn is happening in your 3rd house of communication, friends, and study. This event can make you feel somehow empowered as the Moon will be close to Pluto. You can obtain a certification that can give you more authority in your domain. You can also be very persuasive in your communication, so it can be an excellent time to have some negotiations around this date.

On the 18th of July, Venus moves into Cancer, in your 9th house. It will be a pleasure for you to learn, explore, and to travel. You may have good support if you are having exams during this transit. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to prepare for them. This transit can also bring some romantic affairs with a class colleague or maybe someone you meet during your vacation.

The Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd of July, in your 10th house. Your career will be in the spotlight for the next month. Your actions are visible to others, and you can have fantastic opportunities. So take advantage of this transit and try to build the career or social status that you always wanted to have.

On the 28th of July, a New Moon is happening in Leo, in your 10th house. The Moon will be trining Jupiter, which brings tremendous energy in this area of your life. One of the luckiest new Moon of the year is happening in your 10th house, so you really should take action and don’t miss this opportunity. Launch your projects, make that change in your career, and start working on your social status. You will have great support on whatever you are beginning now, and the results can be impressive in the long run.

Let’s wrap up this report with a few words about a rare aspect that is happening at the end of July, and will also be present in the first part of August. Mars, Uranus, and the North Node will meet each other in Taurus, and your 7th house. This is more like an event that will influence a larger group of people. At a personal level, this transit can bring some sudden changes in your relationships, whether romantic or business-related. Someone can get into your life out of nowhere, while for others it is possible to have a sudden breakup or an end of a collaboration. As the North Node plays an important role in this transit, it is very likely that the events happening around this aspect are fated for us.