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Scorpio Horoscope for August 2022

Scorpio Horoscope

August begins with a rare conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and North Node in Taurus, in your 7th house of relationships, marriage, and partnerships. There can be sudden and unexpected changes in your relationships, whether romantic or business-related. Someone can get into your life out of nowhere, while for others it is possible to have a sudden breakup or an end of a collaboration. 

On the 4th of August, Mercury moves into Virgo and your 11th house of friends, groups, and hopes. This transit is triggering your social life and you should take advantage of this moment as you can build new connections that can help you in the future. It is also possible for some of you to rethink and organize your future plans. On the 26th of the month, Mercury starts transiting Libra in your 12th house of isolation, health, and hidden things. This can be a time when you focus more on your wellbeing. You can make research on how to improve your life and health through alternative medicine or spirituality. This can be a good time if you are activating in creative writing such as poems or science fiction. As well, it is possible for some of you to receive key information and answers to your questions in your dreams.

Venus moves into Leo on the 11th of August, in your 10th house of career and social status. Your actions are in a good light, which can result in a promotion or other kind of professional success. This transit is making you charming especially when you connect with authorities, such as managers or bosses. It can be a good time if you have to negotiate something or you want a career change. Venus here can bring various opportunities to improve your social status, so make sure you take advantage of this transit.

On the 12th of the month, a Full Moon in Aquarius is happening in your 4th house of home and family. The Moon will be conjunct to Saturn, but will be in a tense aspect to Mars, Uranus, and North Node. This can bring some kind of disagreements when it comes to your home, family, and your partners. It can be that you do not agree with your life partner on a home-related project. Probably you want to move or redecorate, but both of you cannot agree on what decision to make as you are having contradictory points of view. However, Saturn can help you make the most practical decision. It can also be the case when your family may not be in harmony with your decisions related to your relationships. 

On the 20th of August, Mars moves into Gemini in your 8th house of intimacy, shared resources, and transformation. You may be more open in taking risks. Some of you will become more interested in your finances, and you may be tempted to risk some money and invest in capital markets, crypto, and so on. However, be aware that you can lose money doing that. This transit can make your intimate life more intense. As well, it is recommended to avoid impulsive reactions with Mars in the 8th house. 

On the 23rd of the month, the Sun moves into Virgo, in your 11th house. During this transit, you can be the main character in your group, or in your community. People will be pleased to discuss with you, and there are also chances for some of you to be asked to take a lead of a group project or other activities. You may also build some great connections.

Let’s wrap up this report with a New Moon in Virgo on the 27th of August, triggering even more your 11th house. The Moon will be in a tense aspect to Mars, bringing more determination in your actions. It can be a great time to join a new group or a community. For some of you, this decision can have an impact on your finances. You might have to pay a fee to be part of that group, however, it could be something that is giving you access to some kind of shared resources. Generally, the New Moon is great for fresh starts, so do not miss this opportunity to launch your projects.