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Sagittarius Horoscope for March 2022

Sagittarius Horoscope

A New Moon is happening on the 2nd of March in Pisces, in your 4th house of home and family. This is a great time if you are looking to buy a new house or to redecorate your home. The great news is that this New Moon is very close to Jupiter, giving you wonderful opportunities. Some of you may find the house of your dreams, others can finally resolve an issue related to your family that you had to deal with for a long time. 

Another wonderful day is on the 5th of March when the Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Pisces. This will bring wonderful energy to your home and family. Again, it can be a good time to move to a new home. You can take advantage of this aspect and enjoy spending your time with your family members. As well, it’s very possible that your family is expanding.

On the 6th of March, Venus and Mars will begin their transit into Aquarius, in your 3rd house of friends, communication, and siblings. You will become more active and communicative in your circle of friends. It can be a good time to negotiate and sign good deals. Venus will make you gentle and diplomatic in your communication, while Mars is helping you to be determined to ask for what you want. This can be a good time for those working in communication, such as sales, journalism, or marketing. Some of you may be also interested in starting a course.

Mercury begins its transit in Pisces on the 10th of the month, in your 4th house. This can help you improve your communication with the family members, and if there are any issues, Mercury is supporting you to find the best solutions. Yet, this transit is helping those who what to buy or sell a house and is inspiring you to make the best decisions.

On the 18th of March, a Full Moon is happening in Virgo in your 10th house of career, public image, and social status. This can be a point of culmination in your career. The results of your work and efforts can now become public, and you can receive well-deserved appreciation. Even if you worked behind the scenes, the Full Moon is shining a light on your efforts. Some of you may also be in a situation where you have to choose between your career or family.

The Sun moves into Aries on the 22nd of the month, triggering your 5th house of romance and creativity. If you are working in creative environments, this transit can help you be inspired with interesting ideas. It is also bringing some good energy into your romantic life, and a general feeling of joy.

On the same day, Mars will be squaring Uranus, putting us in some unexpected situations. It can be possible that some of you will feel a tense atmosphere at work. However, avoid getting into any kind of conflict with a co-worker. You may be more impulsive in your communication, which can get you into trouble. Also, if it is possible, avoid signing contracts or buying something at a high value around this day. There is a chance that later you might realize that it was just an impulsive action and it wasn’t really your best option. As well, be careful while driving.