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Pisces Horoscope for February 2022

Pisces Horoscope

The horoscope for Pisces shows that the month of February begins with a New Moon in Aquarius in the 12th house of isolation, spirituality, healing, and hidden things. This is a good time to focus on yourself and both your physical and mental health. You may engage in activities that help you relax and relieve stress. Meditation and introspection can help you a lot these days. This period is also beneficial if you are involved in artistic activities, such as painting, music, or creative writing. The new Moon is conjunct with Saturn and square Uranus, making you feel weaker than usual. That’s why it would be recommended to avoid activities that require a high level of energy.

On the 4th of the month, Mercury is moving direct, bringing more clarity into your life. Communication, in general, will be easier now. If you encountered any kind of delays, you will see that things start to move in the right direction. Some of you will now have a clear purpose in your lives.

On the 11th of February, a conjunction between Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn on your 11th house of friends, hopes, and aspirations will make you stand out in your group of friends. Some of you may discover a new purpose for this life. The energy of this conjunction can also make one of your desires become reality.

Mercury moves into Aquarius on the 14th of the month, in your 12th house. This transit can make you more interested in spiritual topics and alternative medicine. For those who have been having health issues, Mercury’s transit here can help you find a treatment to heal. You can identify those habits or aspects of your life that are harming your mental health, and Mercury will help you find a solution for it. As well, this transit can give you wonderful inspiration if you are involved in creative writing activities. 

The Full Moon in Leo on the 16th of February is happening in your 6th house of work environment and habits. You may realize that some of your habits were not very beneficial for your health so now you can take action to remove what is not good for you. Some of you can see some great results of a diet or a fitness routine that you started some months ago. It is also possible that a project at work reaches a culminating point. After long work and efforts, outstanding results are finally visible.

On the same day with the Full Moon, there will be a harmonious conjunction between Mars and Venus in Capricorn. In general, this is a good aspect for romantic life. Some of you may enter a new relationship, others will feel more passion in their intimate life. These two planets are also ruling your financial axis, so it is possible for some of you to feel some kind of stability and harmony when it comes to your finances. You may also receive some sort of unexpected amount of money.

On the 18th of the month, the Sun enters your sign, giving you more energy and strength to express yourself. The wonderful part is that Jupiter is also transiting your sign for the next months, bringing positive energy and joy to your life. This is the best moment for you to take action and implement any project or business that you dream about. This is a wonderful time to rebrand yourself, develop your skills, and to create a better version of yourself. Jupiter will bring to you the best opportunities to turn your dreams into reality.

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