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Pisces Horoscope for April 2022

Pisces Horoscope

For Pisces signs, the April horoscope brings fantastic news as there are a lot of positive energies surrounding this sign. You can have wonderful opportunities to improve your life in the way you want. The below article is presenting what are the planets preparing for you this month.

A New Moon in Aries is happening on the 1st of April, in your 2nd house of financial resources, money, and self-value. This event can mark some new beginnings related to your finances. Some of you may identify new sources of income, others can receive a salary increase at work. You can also begin a project that can become financially prosperous in the future. 

On the 5th of April, Venus starts transiting your sign and your 1st house of personality, identity, and self-expression. You are literally the luckiest zodiac sign at the moment as you are having both benefic planets in your sign: Venus and Jupiter. This fuels you with a lot of positive energy, and you can have good luck with anything. It’s not about winning the lottery, but some of you can have great opportunities coming from nowhere. If you ever wanted to begin a project, to rebrand yourself, to develop yourself, or to do anything that has a positive impact on your life, this is the best month to do it. You really have some wonderful, powerful, and rare aspects in your sign.

On the 11th of the month, Mercury begins its transit in Taurus, in your 3rd house of communication and friends. This transit is supporting those who are working in communication. As well, you may become more involved in social activities and be more connected with your friends.

Extraordinary news is coming on the 12th of April, when Jupiter is conjuncting Neptune in your sign. Just to know how rare this aspect is, the last conjunction between these two planets in Pisces was in 1856. You should believe in your dreams and hopes because the power of manifestation is so intense this day. Stay positive and think about what you wanted to happen in your life. There are high chances to turn it into reality. It can change your life for the better. You really should take advantage of this moment to make the change you always wanted for your life. The planets are here to support you in anything you do. Focus these energies on you to create a better version of yourself.

On the 15th of the month, Mars starts transiting your sign, bringing even more energy here. You will have more vitality and will be more determined to achieve your goals. There will be a lot of energy in Pisces, and with Mars here some of you may tend to overdo things and may forget what are your boundaries. It’s a lot of energy here that you need to know how to control.

A Full Moon in Libra is happening on the 16th of April in your 8th house of intimacy, shared resources, and transformation. You may receive some money through your partner or from an investment you made some time ago. The Full Moon can also bring to the surface a financial obligation that you forgot about. Make sure that you paid all your debts by that time. Some of you could be in some uncomfortable situations where something from hidden from your intimacy comes up to the surface and will be visible to others.

On the 20th of the month, the Sun starts transiting Taurus in your 3rd house. This is triggering anything that is related to communication, documents, friends, and studies. You will feel some intense energies here at the moment of the Solar Eclipse on the 30th of April. There will be an article posted soon on Astrocelestial about this event. If you want to find out more details about how this Solar Eclipse is influencing each zodiac sign, don’t forget to check out this site.  

Update: You can find here the article about How Each Zodiac Sign will be Affected by the Solar Eclipse in Taurus.

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