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Libra Horoscope for March 2022

Libra Horoscope

On the 2nd of March, a New Moon is happening in Pisces, in your 6th house of health and work routine. It is a good time for you to start a new health routine, focus on your well-being, plan your activities, and organize your schedule. Some of you will take responsibility for a new task or project at work. What is fantastic about this New Moon is that it is happening very close to Jupiter, expanding the New Moon energies. If you want to start a routine, now there are high chances that you will stay stick to it and will see great results in the long run. This is the best time for you to get in shape.

Another wonderful day is on the 5th of the month when the Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Pisces. This brings a lot of positive energy for expansion, joy, and luck for some of you. If you’ve been sick for a while, this aspect can help you find the right treatment for you to heal. As well, some of you can have a very good day at work. Your work is getting visible and you will receive a lot of appreciation.

On the 6th of March, Venus and Mars start their transit into Aquarius, in your 5th house of romance, creativity, and children. This can be a wonderful time for your romantic life, and it can become more spicy than usual. If you are single there are chances that you will start a relationship. This transit is also helping those who are working to have a baby in their life. These transits will help you to see a more positive side of your life, and you will want to enjoy your time.

Mercury begins its transit in Pisces on the 10th of March, helping you to identify those habits that are dragging you down. You may be more organized and structured. Some of you will also see an improvement in communication with co-workers.

The Full Moon on the 18th of March is happening in Virgo, in your 12th house of spirituality, isolation, and hidden things. The Full Moon is reminding you that you should allow yourself some time for your well-being. Some of you will prefer to stay alone to recharge your batteries, others will spend some time meditating. You might feel weaker than usual, so it would be better to use this time to relax and avoid activities that require a high level of energy. 

On the 22nd of the month, the Sun moves into Aries in your 7th house, putting your relationships in the spotlight. Some of you can move to another level with your romantic partner. You can also sign a good deal or you can meet a new business partner.

On the same day, there will be a square between Mars and Uranus, shaking things a little. Be prepared for unplanned events and do not react by impulsion. For some of you it can be something related to unexpected expenses, such as fines or penalties. If you are owning a business, there could happen events that will ask you to change your plans. It is possible for some of you who are in a relationship to face some sudden tension with your partner.