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Leo Horoscope for August 2022

Leo Horoscope

August begins with a historical aspect happening in Taurus, in your 10th house of social status and career. It is about the conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and North Node. This aspect can bring some unexpected events related to your career and social status. There is a chance to get promoted out of nowhere and move up on the ladder professionally. As well, this transit can bring sudden breakups with people in authority. Some of you will decide to end your careers and reinvent yourself professionally. You might start something new and different from scratch.

On the 4th of August, Mercury moves into Virgo, in your 2nd house of resources and money. During this transit you will be interested in improving your finances, and you can find some good solutions for that. It can also be a good period for those of you who want to negotiate a salary increase or a fee for your work. On the 26th of the month, Mercury starts transiting Libra and your 3rd house of communication, siblings, and learning. You might be busy resolving bureaucratic activities. This transit can also make you more socially active, and you can have a good time with your friends.

Wonderful news on the 11th of August, as Venus is joining your sign and your 1st house of personality and identity. This transit is making you charming and charismatic. Some of you may be more interested in improving your appearance and your look. As an effect, if you are single you might get engaged in a romantic relationship during this transit. 

A Full Moon in Aquarius is happening on the 12th of August in your 7th house of relationship, partnerships, and marriage. The Moon will be conjunct to Saturn but will be in a tense aspect to Mars, Uranus, and North Node. It is possible to face some contradictions with your life partners or business partners and people in authority, career, or life purpose. It could be that your goals are not matching the needs of your business partner or your romantic partner. However, Saturn there can help you be pragmatic and efficient in your decisions so that you can find a great solution. While there can be a chance of ending some collaborations, you can strengthen other relationships and partnerships, and make them last for a long time from now on.

On the 20th of August, Mars moves into Gemini and your 11th house of groups, friends, and hopes. By being more determined to take action in your groups, some of you might be asked to take the lead of it. You will be very determined to achieve your goals, however, there is a chance that some of you might be a little impulsive sometimes, which can trigger some conflicts.

The Sun moves into Virgo on the 23rd of the month, in your 2nd house. During this transit, your finances will be in the spotlight, and you will be more interested in improving your financial stability. If you are not satisfied with your finances, this can be a good time to do something about it.

Finally, a New Moon in Virgo is happening on the 27th of August, in your 2nd house. The Moon will be in a tense aspect to Mars, which can make you more determined in taking the initiative. Your urge to take action in improving your finances can come from some kind of frustration. Probably you were not affording everything you wanted, and now you decide to change something about it. You can change your job for something that is paid better, or you might renegotiate your salary. Some of you might even start a side job or collaboration for extra money, while others can also launch a business, or find a way to monetize your talents.