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Gemini Horoscope for June 2022

Gemini Horoscope

How are you, dear Geminis? I know it wasn’t an easy period for you as your ruler, Mercury, started to move retrograde in May. Combine that with the intense energy of the Solar and Lunar eclipses in the past months. However, I will begin this report with some good news for you.

Mercury finally starts moving direct again on the 3rd of June. After this date, you start regaining your energy to communicate effectively, to gather and share information as you like. You will also start feeling physically and mentally much better, especially after the date of the 13th, when Mercury comes back into your sign. It is an excellent time to socialize and for self-expression in general.

Saturn starts moving retrograde on the 4th of June in Aquarius and your 9th house of philosophy, long-distance travels, and higher education. Saturn is often called the “Great Malefic”, and is associated with restrictions, hard work, perseverance, responsibility, and karma. Some might say it has a bad reputation in astrology, but I believe it’s the contrary. The purpose of Saturn is to help you learn your lessons and become the best version of yourself. It’s like in school: sometimes you do not prepare your lessons, and the teacher gives you a bad grade. It’s not fun, but the purpose is to make you realize that you need to make some efforts in order to have great results in life. With Saturn moving retrograde in your 9th house, some of you might realize that you are not prepared enough and you need to improve your knowledge in a particular domain. Some of you may even be in a situation where you have to enroll in a course and obtain a certificate to be able to continue your current activity. You may also feel some delays when traveling abroad or collaborating with people from other countries. Overall, the retrogradation of Saturn should help you improve your knowledge and support you in reevaluating your life beliefs.

On the 14th of June, a Full Moon in Sagittarius is happening in your 7th house of relationships, business partners, and marriage. This Full Moon will be in a tense aspect to Neptune, the planet of dreams, illusions, confusion, and spirituality. This can trigger some endless discussions in your relationships, whether romantic or business-related, because you may feel that something is missing. You might think that your partners are not honest with you. It is also possible for some of you to face disappointments in love and business due to some unrealistic expectations that you have from your partners.

The Sun will be in your sign until the 21st of June. Until this date you will have the opportunity to express yourself, to become visible, and to work on self-improvement. After this date, the Sun moves into Cancer, in your 2nd house of money. You may become more interested in your finances, and some of you might identify some great opportunities to increase your revenues.

Fantastic news on the 23rd of June, when Venus starts transiting your sign. It is a great time for self-expression, self-improvement, and working on personal projects. You will be full of positive energy. You may be more interested in your look and image, and it is also possible to attract some romantic stories in your life.

A New Moon in Cancer is happening on the 29th of the month, in your 2nd house. This will be in conjunction with Black Moon Lilith and in a tense aspect to Jupiter. The Black Moon Lilith represents our obsessions, temptations, and fears, while Jupiter is the planet of luck, positivity, and expansion. During this New Moon you can be overly enthusiastic about starting a new project, but there might be chances to abandon it after a while and leave it unfinished. For example, you might start a new collaboration that seems very attractive financially. However, on the way you might realize that the work you need to do is a lot harder than you expected, and you end up quitting this project. Generally, New Moons are great for new beginnings, and this is a good time to launch something that can help improve your finances. However, try to remain down to earth, so you do not miss important aspects. The 2nd house represents the money you obtain from work, so you need to make some efforts to see the results.

Before ending this report, let’s mention Mars transiting Aries for the whole month in your 11th house for social groups and future plans. It stays there together with Jupiter, so it will have a lot of determination to do what is needed in order to achieve your goals. This transit is also helping you become visible in your community. At some points, you might have so much energy that, if not controlled, you will tend to overdo things and eventually get in conflicts with others.


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