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Gemini Horoscope for July 2022

Gemini Horoscope

You’re starting the month with some good energies in your sign, as your ruler, Mercury is still here together with Venus. This month you seem to have an active social life, but it can be also prosperous for signing important documents. However, let’s see in more detail what is this month preparing for you.

On the 5th of May, Mars move into Taurus and your 12th house of solitude, spirituality, and health. Mars here can be sometimes overwhelming and can suck all your energy. It would be recommended to avoid activities that require a high level of energy, and you should allow yourself some time for meditation and relaxation. The 12th house also represents hidden enemies, and with Mars here, it would be good to be cautious with the people around you.

On the same day, Mercury moves into Cancer in your 2nd house of money and resources. This transit can help you find more effective solutions to improve your financial stability. It can be also a good time to negotiate a salary increase. A couple of weeks later, on the 19th of July Mercury starts transiting Leo and your 3rd house of communication, friends, siblings, and study. Your social life become more active and some of you might be interested to enroll in a course. Some of you can be very busy with bureaucratic activities, but Mercury here makes the process smoother, and you can also sign some important documets.

On the 13th of July, a Full Moon is happening in Capricorn, in your 8th house if shared resources, intimacy, and transformation. This event is also happening close to Pluto. It is possible that you may receive an amount of money through an investment, or a loan. During this transit you can feel empowered to tackle those topics and issues that you always avoided, and you can have the strength to remove whatever is toxic in your life. 

On the 18th of the month, Venus moves into Cancer, in your 2nd house. This transit can bring some financial opportunities for you. If you are talented in something, you may find a way to monetize your talent. Some of you can renegotiate your salary, while others can find a better paid job. However, Venus here also likes to spend money, so take care if you you’re going to shopping.

The Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd of July, in your 3rd house. You may be more active and socialize more. Some of you may be interested in studying something new. Generally, it is a great time for those involved activities that require communicaton, exchange in information, and commerce.

A great New Moon is happening in Leo on the 28th of the month, in your 3rd house. There will be some wonderful energy around this as the Moon will trine Jupiter. It’s a good time if you want to learn new skills, or to spend more time with your friends and siblings. All New Moons are fantastic for new beginnings, but this time it’s also Jupiter’s energy involved, so it brings that enthusiasm, and even some luck in whatever yo begin now. For example, a skill that you learn now can be very useful for your development for the following period, or it can help you move up on the ladder in your career.

Let’s finish this report with a few words about a rare aspect that is happening at the end of July and will be also present in the first part of August. Mars, Uranus and the North Node will meet each other in Taurus, and your 12th house. This is more like an event that will influence a larger group of people. However, for you this transit is happening in a complicated area of your life. This can affect you at a spiritual level, where you suddenly want to change somethings. You can also be in a situation where you have to face your fears. It is also possible that for some of you there will be a reveal of your secrets.