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Gemini Horoscope for August 2022

Gemini Horoscope

August begins with a very rare conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and North Node in Taurus, and your 12th house of health, spirituality, and isolation. This placement can bring some unexpected karmic events into your life. It can be that you have to face some of your fears, or you just have to let things go, leave something behind, and move forward. It can feel like a crisis, but for some of you this transit can bring to a closure a chapter in your life, and you can prepare for a very new beginning. It is possible that some of you will start a spiritual journey. As well, it is recommended the take care of your wellbeing and relax a little bit, as you may lack some energy.

On the 4th of August, your ruler, Mercury, moves into Virgo in your 4th house of home and family. You can be more interested in staying connected with your family, and you might be busy resolving home-related activities. It can be a good time if you want to get involved in real estate transactions. After the 26th of the month, Mercury starts transiting Libra and your 5th house of creativity, children, and entrepreneurship. You will feel the urge to focus more on activities that bring joy to your life. You can be more creative at this time, and it can be a good time for those who are running personal businesses. 

Venus moves into Leo on the 11th of August, in your 3rd house. You can have a great time with your friends or siblings. Some of you will begin a romantic story with someone you interact on a daily basis. This transit is also good for those who need to complete bureaucratic activities. 

On the 12th of August, a Full Moon takes place in Aquarius, in your 9th house of life philosophies, studies, and long-distance travels. The Moon will be conjunct to Saturn but will be in a tense aspect to Mars, Uranus, and North Node. It can be a time when you receive a certification from a course or training. However, you can feel some kind of frustration around this date. Maybe you are not receiving the expected grade. If you are having exams make sure you are well prepared as there is a chance to have some unexpected questions or topics to resolve. It could also happen that your beliefs or opinions are not matching the majority’s point of view, which can lead to some contradictions.

On the 20th of the month, Mars moves into Gemini, in your 1st house of self-identity and personality. This is great news as it is finally leaving your 12th house. You can have a significant boost of energy, and you will feel more determined to achieve your goals and become a better version of yourself.

On the 23rd of August, the Sun starts transiting the sign of Virgo, and your 4th house. You may begin some home-related projects, such as redecorating, moving to another house, or just working to improve your family’s wellness. Other family topics or house activities may become a priority for you during this transit.

Closing this report with a New Moon in Virgo is happening on the 27th of August, in your 4th house. The Moon will be in a tense aspect to Mars which can make you more determined in your actions. This determination can come through some frustration. For example, some of you might be unhappy with the current home, or something in the house was not working properly, and now you finally decide to make a change. It can also be the situation where you make one step ahead in resolving a family issue. Generally, it is a good time to take action for a new beginning.