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Capricorn Horoscope for November 2022

Capricorn Horoscope

November begins with intense energy in your 11th house of networking, friends, connections, and higher aspirations. I would also mention that you can still feel the influences of the Solar Eclipse that took place here on the 25th of October, so I recommend reading as well the article about the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio to find out more about how you can handle this energy. Generally, this is a great time for you to build new connections, communicate with others and become visible in your community. People want to get in touch with you, and you can meet wonderful people that will help in achieving your goals.

Mars remains retrograde for the entire month in the sign of Gemini and your 6th house of health, work environment, and habits. You might be pretty busy with your work, and you probably need to retouch some older projects. There can exist some tense situations with your coworkers, and you should avoid any conflicts. However, try to maintain a balance between your work and personal life, as you might lack energy because of too much work.

A Full Moon in Taurus and a Lunar Eclipse is happening on the 8th of November in your 5th house of pleasure, creativity, children, and entrepreneurship. The Moon will be in conjunction with Uranus, the planet of revolution, innovation, and sudden changes, and in a tense aspect with Saturn, the planet of restriction, responsibility, and discipline. This event can make visible one of your ideas, originality, or projects. For some of you, this can represent a culminating point of a romantic affair: you might decide to make it an official relationship, or you might consider ending it. You may feel some kind of restrictions when it comes to your pleasure. Probably you cannot spend as much as you want with your friends, hobbies, or just shopping due to financial constraints.

On the 16th and 17th of the month, Venus and Mercury will move into Sagittarius, and a few days later, on the 22nd, the Sun starts transiting this sign as well. These planets will bring light and energy into your 12th house of solitude, health, and hidden things. This is a great time to take a break and go on a vacation to relax. You should spend more time meditating and discovering more about yourself and your soul. Your health can also be an important topic for you during this transit. Some of you may also start working offline on a personal project, but behind the scenes. This is also a good period for those working in creative domains.

Your 12th house becomes even more active with the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 24th of the month. The Moon will be in a good aspect with Jupiter in Pisces, bringing more positivity into your life. You can start a new spiritual journey and add meditation to your daily life. The planets transiting your 12th house can help you heal your fears and anxieties. You can let go of older issues and traumas and create space in your life for new wonderful beginnings. 

Finally, on the 23rd of the month, Jupiter ends its retrogradation in Pisces and your 3rd house of communication, learning, and siblings. It is a great time to communicate, learn and share information. Your social life can also become more active these weeks.