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Cancer Horoscope for September 2022

Cancer Horoscope

Astrologically speaking, August was probably one of the most intense months of the year. In September, we can take a little break and reorganize our lives. One special transit would be Mercury’s retrogradation starting with the 10th of the month. At that time, there will be six retrograde planets in the sky. This means that there is a lot of energy coming from many directions, asking us to reevaluate our actions and current situation. We might feel stuck in some situations or feel like our actions are not progressing as fast as we wanted. This is happening because we need to reexamine our current situation and identify a better solution for our actions. Reviewing ourselves can help us move in a better direction.

On the 5th of September, Venus moves in Virgo in your 3rd house of communication, friends, siblings, and learning. Your social life can be more active, and you can have fun spending time with your friends and siblings. It can be a good period if you need to resolve bureaucratic activities. On the 29th of the month, Venus moves into Libra and your 4th house of home and family. This transit can bring positive energy to your home, and you can have a great time around your family. You may also improve something in your home: you might redecorate or fix some older issues.

On the 10th of the month, Mercury starts moving retrograde in Libra and your 4th house. First of all, avoid signing important documents until the 2nd of October. If you do not have the possibility to delay this, make sure you read the contracts carefully as there is a chance to miss some hidden clauses. This transit can bring to the surface an older issue in your family. There can also be some incidents in your home where something is breaking or crashing. On the 23rd of the month, Mercury moves back into Virgo and your 3rd house of communication, learning, and friends. Think twice before you communicate and make sure you understand the messages you receive. If you need to travel, make sure your car is well equipped, and respect all the traffic rules. If you are having exams, you should prepare very well for them. It is a good time to reconnect with your siblings and friends.

On the 10th of September, a Full Moon in Pisces is happening in your 9th house of long-distance travels, life beliefs, and higher education. This Full Moon will be in conjunction with Neptune and square with Mars. Neptune can create some idealistic, yet confusing situations. It is possible that your opinions and beliefs are not understood by others which can lead to some frustration. It can be that even at a personal level, you realize that something in your beliefs needs to be reevaluated. Some of you may finalize a course and receive a certification. If you are traveling abroad, be prepared to face some confusing situations. 

The Sun moves into Libra on the 23rd of September, in your 4th house. Your home and family will become an important point for you in the following weeks. You may begin some home-related projects, such as redecorating, moving to another house, or just working to improve your family’s wellness.

Finally, a New Moon in Libra is happening on the 26th of September, in your 4th house. The New Moon will be close to Mercury and Venus, giving you even more energy to fulfill your home-related plans. You can move to a new home or improve your existing house. It can be a good time if you want to get involved in real estate activities. Generally, this is a good period for new beginnings, and this can be a good time to launch your projects.